Waiting for the #geese #poetry

Waiting for the geese family

Have they flown away 

Or changed their feeding schedule


expectations rule the mind

Into disappointment

Serendipity meanwhile presents smiling

tweet chirp warble 

Curious puppies

dropping water

Civil society 

cloud wars



at once

With all. 

The inward quest reveals 

The quantum truth 

The quest that leads to


Right here

Where the geese are. 


#memorial day #poetry

Memorial Day 201

Bombs into fireworks 

Ohhh!!!! Into ooh

Ahhh!!! Into aah

Exploding light 

Into bursting clarity


Innocents learn crazy killing

Violence sold and marketed 

Battle cancer

The war on…

You name it 

Always fighting

–the traffic 



Until the end is declared

As evolved through 

each mineral crystal

Each dramatic flower 

Each loyal dog


Go in peace 

Vision of change #poetry

Sit and watch the clouds 

Take in the setting sun beyond

my towering grandfather cottonwood:

To be either ethereally floating in the sky

Or binding the earth and elements

In a dance of exchanges —

I’ll love you both

As only a human can

As the age of worldwide desecration continues 

Let me sing with the wind

So everyone can hear and choose. 

Collapse #poetry

Progress liberates

Too many dreams

Of grandeur  

So smart and

So stupid 

I cry for 

Canadian tar sands

Technology doesn’t cure

A broken heart

Desperation has always led to ultimate defeat

Go home


Where it is quiet 

And decide what to do

#Jesus #poetry

Jesus is the reason

You too can be a messiah

Confronting the ills of the world

Forgiving the past 

Just hope it doesn’t become a religion

A static constitution 

Just you

Doing your god-given thing.